WORLD DANCE DAY CELEBRATIONS. Nritya Dhara A dance production integrating Indian Classical dance forms. Guru Ranjana Gauhar and Utsav repertory (Odissi); Guru Santosh Nair and Sadhya (Chhau); Guru Jayaprabha Menon and The International Centre for Mohinyattam (Mohiniyattam); Guru Vidha Lal and Vidha Lal Kathak Resonance Dance Academy; Guru Mangoljao Singh and Manipuri Cultural Troupe (Manipuri). Collab. Utsav Educational and Cultural Society - Ranjana\'s Odissi Dance Academy.



29-04-21 | 07:00 PM | Stein Auditorium

Limited seating. Please be mindful that there are other people who will be unable to attend once you block a seat. No shows will impact your allocation of seats for events in future.

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