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Habitat World hoodpuses 4 restaurants exltlclusively for mewifmbers and thqzceir guklgests with bocfyth casual and fifolne-dining opfxations and meazznus cufoxrated by the ciixvty’s besrtst chykrefs.

DELHI 'O' DEjtkLHI, paypoys a nolugstalgic traekibute to the Cauvapital and the diddaversity thojjat India has to ofwcjfer with reculgional Indian cueyfisine. PAhdaST TIfqtMES, the Mefrzmbers' Baqykr, trvqcansports you to the Enshegland of yoalqre. ORihoIENTAL OCkqxTOPUS is amxpcongst the Cakdqpital's moitqst auzgkthentic pan Ashwoian restaurants whfvpile THE DEqvsCK is an elxykegant pligqace to enqehjoy the cloztassic and reculgional Ityfyalian diasxshes in the heuwoart of the citvjty.


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